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Paintings, Music, Lighting Fixtures and Buildings. What do they all have in common?

Design - (as a noun) a composition of elements basically consisting of color, form, line and texture that can be found everywhere and in everything,
whether designed by humans (a door knob, a space ship, a pop song) or by nature (a rock, a tree, a mountain).
The word is derived from the Latin signum 'sign', designare ‘to designate’ or 'to mark out' and from the Italian disegno.minotto

Within this exists the application of design elements forming a kind of language
(from the Latin lingua ‘tongue’ or the Italian linguaggio which implies communication) within a specific discipline:
Architectural Design, Clothing Design, Lighting Design, Graphic Design, the design (composition, interpretation) of music, etc....

The same elements guided by a balance of unity and variety, repetition and invention, simplicity and complexity, function and form (esthetics)
regardless of what it is:
A motif (shape or form) that is repeated throughout a building or a symphony,
a texture that characterizes a painting or a flower garden,
a line that defines the contours of a car or light fixture, etc....

And within this is the expression of an inner voice - a design dialect defined by a personal vocabulary or lexicon (the fingerprints of the artist) -
like a signature, a personal style of attributes that are unique to the designer. (When you see it or hear it, you know who made it.)

This lexicon (from the Greek lexikos, Italian lessico) as defined by the use of specific colors, forms, lines and textures could then manifest
in different contexts, in different disciplines - one vocabulary, many languages.

What follows is one lessico forming the basis of disegno in 4 different linguaggi: Painting, Music, Lighting Design (lamps) and Architecture.

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