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casa carrizo

temecula, ca


The trees told me to do it


version 1

Old oak trees and avocado groves with occasional ocean breezes define the tranquillity and solitude of this special area.
Mainly five acres on a steep hill in the De Luz mountains, the site presents certain challenges where and how to build. An east/west rectangular orientation and
having to accommodate a fire truck (not mine) reduced the already limited possibilities for how the home will be integrated with the land.

paul minotto

The green areas represent interior gardens, some of which grow out of the foundation of the house, some of which are raised planters.

The only level change is from the north corridor to the kitchen, 4 large steps that descend as the vaulted ceiling of the kitchen rises overhead.



paul minotto

The front entrance features a jade and volcanic rock garden that migrates through the glass to the inside recessed planter in the foundation.
Various palms and cacti grow on the green roof of succulent ground covers.

The front door is made of charred cedar, known as shou sugi ban in Japan where it has been used for hundreds of years.
Aside from the aesthetics of burnt wood, this material is fire resistant and virtually maintenance-free.

To the left is the dome that connects the north and south areas of the home. It features a glazed oculus inspired by the Pantheon in Rome
and a mosaic tile design on the floor that relates to the flow of spaces within the house.


View of the living room with west patio and the master suite to the right separated by a young oak tree.
The roof over the living room is tiered with a horizontal line of clearstory windows allowing light to penetrate deep in the room.



A view of the vaulted kitchen with arched openings that look out at the east patio. The south corridor that connects the living room and the
master suite is to the left. It also functions as a kind of art gallery and entrance to the south garden.

A cascading leaf canopy covers a walkway to the east patio underneath a grand, old oak tree. The guest suite is to the right.
The colored screen serves as a partition filtering light into the dining area and hallway.



A porous pavement system replaces the driveway, allowing weeds to grow and other natural occurrences to take place,
integrating the driveway with the surrounding land and minimizing rainwater runoff .

The garage doors are flush with the wall where the only line one sees is the space between the two.

Solar panels and vegetated roofs help keep energy costs low, as well as the thermal mass of the concrete.

Too big, too expensive, so....




revision 1


Much of what is in version 1 remains with a few exceptions:

The home is smaller and now contains 2 level changes that further separate the public spaces from the private -
kitchen to the guest wing and living room to the master suite.

The corridors have been eliminated and slight changes to the master suite have been made.



With the front entrance reduced as well as the dome, the door now faces northwest.

To the left is the west wall of the kitchen where the vaulted ceiling meets the wall separated by a row of glass.



The kitchen now occupies the space where the north corridor was and looks out on to a patio, becoming the main outdoor space.
Steps lead down to the space under the grand old oak tree as before.

The glazed opening is now a large arc that reaches out to the east,
as the vaulted roof reaches out to the west.


The final revision/ version....



minotto Il disegno in tutto