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"Qualsiasi cosa tu faccia, fa che sia bellissima." (Whatever you do, make it beautiful.) - Renzo Piano
(i would add 'and do it with urgency' as in: )

"Stay thirsty my friends." -The Most Interesting Man in the World




A couple of years ago i was contacted by Lumetta, a lighting company known for it's commercial and public installations throughout the U.S., to come up with some designs for lighting fixtures that were a bit different than what they were doing at the time. minotto  


minotto Not unlike making a piece of music, each lamp started out as a sketch derived from an intuitive exploration of function with form, like these taken from my sketch books. minotto

Starting with elements of il lessico or with function itself (type of lamp, type of bulb, materials, where and how will the lamp function, quality of light, etc...) a back and forth between the left and right sides of the brain occurs until some balance of function and form (esthetics) is arrived at, all mediated with the pen and paper.

After a process of further refinement which would include the making of prototypes and testing, the final design (product) is born.

  minotto Since the lamps were influenced primarily by Italian design in general (with globalization, what makes a design Italian or American? What makes a person Italian or American?) the brief, technical information presented with each design is in English as well as Italian. AVANTI!!!


minotto il disegno in tutto