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minotto (lost words)


between now and here
at the corner of yes and no
we can make maybies


computers that grow hair,
burp numbers and
need psychiatric therapy
dislocated shoulder thought to be somewhere in Texas
Se io fossi Dio, avrei fatto il mondo in uno giorno e mi sarei riposato per sei giorni.
If i were God, I would have made the world in 1 day and rested for 6.

the shades are down on the windows to the soul   LESSON 1

my life seems to go independent of me
very rarely are we together
either i’m thinking i’m younger than i am
when i don’t think about my age
or i’m thinking i’m old when i do
the windows to the soul are painted shut   the reproduce section in your neighborhood mentality store always has an overstock of ideals to choose from, an array of colors for any occasion.

luxury stress

the one after the one before and the one before the next one

PEACE is the toy surprise in specially marked larger-than-life-size boxes of BRAND X breakfast cereal but it is permanently locked to the bottom of the box and NO ONE knows where the key is because their heads are stuck inside the lock from trying to get to the toy surprise which is really just a plastic void replica that looks better in the picture on the outside of the box anyway because the image of PEACE in the brain in their heads that are stuck inside the lock might be the REAL THING or just another mass produced simulation but no one will ever know without being able to read the list of ingredients on the outside of the box which is inside a dark kitchen cabinet SOMEWHERE else

Se io fossi la Statua di Libertà, ritornerei in Francia siccome la cucina è molto meglio lì.
If i were the Statue of Liberty, i would return to France since the food is much better there.
watering our plastic flowers makes us feel good but it means the real flowers get less water if any

sometimes when white people play the blues, it comes out orange

Martian Nursery Rhyme #4


a box of infinity lost in the mail

ant farm subsidies
one day life will be discovered in the universe and it will be a planet inhabited by giant mice all dressed in the same poncho and sombrero and going by the name of “Pepito”
Si io fossi un marziano nel 20 luglio 1969, quando l’astronauta americano ha piantato la bandiera americana nella luna,
avrei atterrato la mia astronave e gli avrei detto “È vietato a gettare rifiuti qui.”
If i were a martian on July 20, 1969, when the american astronaut planted the american flag on the moon,
i would have landed my space ship and i would have told him "It is prohibited to throw trash here."
You can't be nothing
even if you want to





a dark bulb for decreasing the light in bright spaces
microorganisms inside a
microorganism who is playing a
microscopic organ inside an
organ donor from

a secret


in the whole world





If someone had preserved the shit of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe made on the same day, roughly the same time, whose shit would cost more?


Glass house with brick windows and
a bright red wooden door
12 inches high
with a gold door knob and knocker   
When you take your clothes off
no one can see inside
it’s something about the fabric that improves one’s vision

Though the windows are made of brick
you can see for miles & miles & smiles & niles & aisles & camels & dials & whiles & whales
if you really want to

Ice is kept in the fireplace
sky comes out of the faucet
fire is kept in the refrigerator
dirt spills out of the washing machine (clean dirt)

There are only 2 rooms in the whole house:
the attic which is below the basement
the basement which is outside

we all live outside society in our own personlized suburbs
Abstract commodities of no value
manufactured in empty factories
by no one special
for no one in particular
for no reason what so ever
except the general need
for uselessness.
IED - Intravenous Entertainment Device
The smile of your shadow

Ethel Merman Sings the Blues (on a really bad acid trip)

Se io fossi stato il presidente John F. Kennedy a Dallas in Texas nel 22 Novembre 1963, appena prima alle dodici e mezza, mi sarei chinato per allacciare la scarpa
anche se non fosse stato necessario.

(If i had been John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, just before 12:30 pm i would have bent over to tie my shoe
even if it was not necessary.)

Mr. Magoo recently married a woman who was a man and was originally a elderly Jewish grandmother and leader of the Neo-Nazi Skinheads Local 342 in Anchorage Alaska and the 3rd cousin of the Magoo’s next door neighbor’s best friend who invented Spam flavored ice cream now the flavor of the month at the Baskin Robbins store where Mr. Magoo worked at for the minimum wage even though he had been serving ice cream customers for 20 years he almost didn’t get the job for being under qualified but just as Mr. Magoo was handing his application for employment to the store manager (who did not know that Mr. Magoo was a famous TV star years ago) Elvis Presley walked in ordered the Flavor Of The Month which was then Salisbury Steak With Mashed Potatoes And Collard Greens and gave the manager glowing praise and recommendation for Mr. Magoo (which was all the more impressive since Elvis had been dead for 15 years and did not know Mr. Magoo personally) and then gave Mr. Magoo and the manager each a genuine 24k gold plated Elvis Presley thermometer (a $24.95 value) and walked out with his ice cream at which point the manager called the National Enquirer and sold his story for a lot of money and retired from the ice cream business leaving Mr. Magoo for a job promotion which he did not accept but instead quit his job to host the first religion game show on TV called “Cross of Fortune” which became so popular that he was elected Chief Executive Spiritual Leader of a new religion that’s exactly like the Jehovah’s Witness except that all of its 428,001 members have witnessed Elvis and in place of bread and wine during the sacrament portion of the Life of Elvis Re-enactment Ritual, Twinkies and Coca Cola are served.
If i were dead I would enjoy it more

he took
so seriously
he died

    the TREE danced with a fat fish in the box
She is an angel's trash and
I'm the human can
in which she sits
A plague in a pink dress,
She holds a lollipop flavored Life
Which vanishes lick by lick by...
    the FISH kissed a barking bird on the mouth The earth is dying and it needs human by-pass surgery or at least some kind of viagra for ecosystems

a minute at the mall

the BIRD hugged a crazy cat on the cloud  
  the CAT helped a laughing dog on the dock   There’s a small island somewhere in the Pacific where the laws of gravity do not exist and the sole inhabitants are know as the Upside-down people. They’re vegetarians, have cable TV (their TVs are upside down), their houses have an attic which is the bottom floor and the basement is the top floor (they don’t recognize such psychologically limiting distractions as “top” and “bottom”), and their version of Christianity depicts Jesus in the upside down position in all biblical scenes (i.e. eating the last supper, walking on the water,…)
    the DOG reasoned with a stupid man in the hole    
the MAN ate the dying earth in his head  
perfection and death are cousins
They are very happy people since the many problems of the world can be attributed to gravity which they do not know.
Se io fossi stato il bisturi usato nelle ultime chirurgie plastiche di Michael Jackson, avrei urlato al chirurgo “BASTA! È TROPPO! SMETTILA!!!”
If i had been the scalpel used in the last plastic surgeries of Michel Jackson, i would have yelled at the surgeon " ENOUGH! IT'S TOO MUCH! STOP IT!!!"
…in a corner of nothing in a corner of an atom in a corner of a molecule in a corner of a box in a corner of a room in a corner of a house in a corner of a street in a corner of a neighborhood in a corner of a city in a corner of a state in a corner of a country in a corner of a continent in a corner of a planet in a corner of a galaxy in a corner of a universe in a corner of nothing…  


BEAUTY is in the eye of the Chief Executive Officer for the Department of Quality Control.

So the soul wants a house but ends up with a cage. At least it has wheels. Do you know how to drive?

A New Disease for the 21st Century

D.C.S.D - Discontinued Commodity Stress Disorder


When the desire for a particular product which has been etched deeply in the patient’s consciousness due to the overexposure of advertising cannot be satisfied though consumption due to the discontinuation of that product by the manufacturer


- Going nowhere and everywhere at the same time without the instructions

- The desire to drive from one end of Route 66 to the other nonstop while listening to the same recording by Mel Torme singing the song “Route 66 non stop

- Thinking that you are river rafting in Colorado when you are actually in an ancient land with talking horses, robots and flying nuns

melts in your brain, not in your heart
God were a dog
man were a bone,
what would money
He used to have multiple personalites.
I was one of them. We knew of each other
but didn't know each other, like a real family.
One day a dam in his stream of conscousness caused a flood and drowned us all.
It's really lonely now.

Se io fossi il direttore di tutti gli sport nel mondo, farei la regola che è obbligatorio a prendere le droghe prima di ogni gara così sarà più divertente per tutti.
If i were the director of all the sports in the world, i would make the rule that is is mandatory to take drugs before every competition so that it is more entertaining for all.

- "Well gee dad, when will we know we are dead?"

- "When the merry-go-round stops and
there's no more cotton candy, son.

giving birth to holes in the brain's sky
so that magic can fly
just by asking why
without an ounce of lie
or a pound of i
The light at the end of the dark tunnel shines brightly inviting, but as you get closer you discover a sliding glass door which is locked from the other side. Your hear sounds of a party going on and start knocking, but no one answers. Instead the light vanishes to nothing; you are surrounded in total darkness, deafening silence and an overwhelming craving for nachos.

Se io fossi il pianeta terra, eliminerei tutti gli umani in modo che l’aria e l’acqua sarebbero pulite e tutti gli altri potrebbero vivere in pace.
If i was the planet earth, i would eliminate all the humans so that the air and the water would be clean and all the others would be able to live in peace.

It's not whether you win or lose,
are rich or poor,
or even live or die.
It's how well you've been entertained.
It Will Be Over Before Ya Know It







minotto il disegno in tutto