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"Each of his pictures is a kind of word, or rather meaning salad - a playful seemingly spontaneous,
even uncontrollable stream of free associations that make no conventional sense.

- from the review "Paul Minotto, Dada Painter" by Donald Kuspit
(he's a famous art critic that uses words you never heard of)



During the 1980's, i was writing music for orchestra that incorporated Free Jazz with avant-garde classical elements, at times with occasional folk music bits (African, Indian, Japanese) in the mix.

Writing for large ensembles means rarely getting to hear the music; one has to be satisfied with "hearing" it in one's head via a score, at best like hearing in black and white as opposed to color. I did get some readings by a couple of community orchestras and when i returned to music full-time around 2000, the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra premiered The Persistence of Memory, a piece inspired by the famous Salvador Dalí painting.


(Those other 2 guys in this ad from Time Out magazine are Richard Strauss and Alexander Glazunov, 2 very famous and very dead composers with whom i shared the stage with, or rather they shared the stage with me.)









The scores were very graphic, using new notation symbols that were less about specific directions to interpret the music and more about specific suggestions with elements of improvisation in defined parameters.

Eventually, the scores became "ART" in themselves and after seeing an Alexander Calder exhibition of his mobiles, i took some drawing lessons, some painting lessons and eventually received a scholarship from the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston to study painting. I already had one useless degree (music), so i did this for a year and then just painted on my own.minotto


minotto Selling minotto New minotto Realitiess minotto minotto


It was through painting that i arrived at il lessico, though being a composer may have had something to do with it.

What follows is a selection of paintings over a 10 year period showing the evolution of a style and a point of reference
that later becomes the basis for the design of music, lighting fixtures and buildings.

early 90's mid 90's late 90's
recent paintings





minotto il disegno in tutto